A List Maker's Life: January 2015

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happiness...Look for It

Morning Groove, after the kids load the bus, with a group of the sweetest ladies with the best moves.

#SheReadsTruth: well written studies, the app, my rotating lock screens.  Love.

Virtual dress shopping with mom on Mikarose and eShakti in anticipation of a summer wedding.

A four year old boy who finally lost his fight against an afternoon nap 7 minutes after my 2 hour conference call ended.

Researching natural recipes for health and beauty products using Young Living Essential Oils.  Fun stuff!  Leave me a comment or email if you want to hear more.

An inspirational and encouraging Beachbody coach who has motivated me to be consistent for the past 60 days...even if I still think protein shakes taste like dirt.

My songs of the day (so, far they are my faves of '15).  You know, the ones you set on repeat instead of shuffle. Repeat mode brought to you today by All Sons and Daughters, Called Me Higher & Taylor Swift, Out of the Woods.

Scheduling a creative outlet birthday outing for myself.  Want to meet me there?

Thick cream wool in an arm knit infinity scarf to keep me cozy when the temps are below zero.

Blue Man Days at our kids' school. Their music teacher is an even bigger fan than Gabe is ;) and she has quite a week of highlighters and black lights planned for them!

What is bringing you a warm smile on this chilly January day?
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P.S. None of these links are sponsored, that is just so 2012. HA! 
No seriously, they are all just for fun.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

#oneword 2015 : Listen

to hear one another

to hear your parents

to hear your body when you've eaten enough, when you've given your all, and when you need to rest

to hear without bias

to hear God break your heart for what breaks His and to recognize the next steps He wants you to take

to hear constructive feedback and make positive changes

to hear with your heart because there is often more to what a person is saying than just the words they share

to hear music encourage and inspire

 Let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.  James 1:9

In 2014 we focused on JOY.
Do you choose a word for the year? 
What is your word for 2015?

With open doors, an open mind, and open ears,
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Predictions for 2015

Perhaps the result of long standing college traditions and rivalries, or maybe it really is the calendar, heading in to odd years my #1 prediction is always "Brace Yourself!" In my mind the odd ones always seem to require more peace.  Anyway, our predictions for the year aren't overly clever or diverse. We watch very little tv and try to avoid news we aren't very in tune with the whos and whats up and coming, so they are primarily family focused this year. Still worth recording if only to give us something to look back on at the end of this year!

I will not get yelled at by my teachers at my school
Maybe I will eat goldfish at school for snack

We will play with the new toys we got from Christmas
We will build lots of Lego projects
I will make more new friends at school
I don't think I will play soccer again, but maybe I baseball

Anne Hope
We will get the movie Annie when it comes out on dvd
We will want to go to Florida again this year for Family Forward, but we might not be able to

After very low gas prices, in 2015 the prices will hit an all time high shocking everyone
The Tigers will win the division, be in the play offs, but not win the World Series
I think I will have to go to the dentist for something big this year. Braces??
How to Train Your Dragon book 12 will come out this year.

Taking classes to renew my teaching certificate will kick start my dreams for what I really want to be when I grow up
More natural remedies and less doctor visits (one can hope...)

The possibilities are endless.  What do you think will happen in '15?


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