A List Maker's Life: Santa's Workshop Exposed '15

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Santa's Workshop Exposed '15

Since all of our holiday gifts have been given, I was excited to share what we mixed up in our Christmas workshop this December.

Anne Hope and I put together several pedicure sets with Peppermint Foot Scrub and Stress Away Foot Soak. The small wooden scoops we  found on Amazon made these packages fun to wrap up together.  I found them to be kind of adorable.

We also mixed several rollers of  "calm" and cuticle oil to add to theme of a relaxing pedicure.

Kevin has been incredibly creative with pallets in our home in the last couple years.  He has built keepsake boxes, walls, ceilings, playhouse, and bookshelves with pallets.  There are also plenty of pallet scraps hanging around our garage, so Anne Hope and I painted up some special nativity sets.

Our family is pretty hooked on our essential oil goodies, so it was also enjoyable to mix up our favorite roller bottle recipes in a sampler box to give to others.
For a couple of the special guys in our lives I also mixed an essential oil shave gel, aftershave oil, and beard balm. With Idaho Spruce and Valor it smelled fantastic and hopefully the benefits will extend beyond just the comfort of a good shave.
We also cooked and packaged many, many batches of Thieves & Peppermint or Orange & Clove candy.  The Orange/Clove is delicious in a cup of hot tea or cider.  The Thieves is very soothing on a scratchy throat. 
Do you give any homemade Christmas gifts?  What were the projects in your workshop this holiday?

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