A List Maker's Life: 2015 Predictions Reviewed

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Predictions Reviewed

On New Year's Eve we like to review the hopes, wishes, dreams, wonders, and predictions from the year. Here were the predictions the kids shared for 2015.  It is always interesting to see how they turned out and even more fun to hear what they think is to come for the new year!  For today, here is the cliff notes version of our year in predictions reviewed.

Gabe I will not get yelled at by my teachers at my school

Gabe does a whole lot of yelling about going to school every morning, but he puts on all his best manners during the day at school.  He has done a wonderful job transitioning to the unexpected as he joined his siblings in their elementary school this year for Young 5s, instead of heading back to his favorite nature preschool for one more year.  He is making friends, adapting to an all day schedule, learning so many things, and impressing his teachers with his sweet smiles & silly sarcasm.

 Maybe I will eat goldfish at school for snack

I am quite certain Gabe has consumed more than his fair share of goldfish during snack times at school so far this year!

We will play with the new toys we got from Christmas

Gibson loves to create, play, and imagine! His animal collection is still his all time favorite toy to pick up and play with on a lazy Saturday.

 We will build lots of Lego projects

Gibson loves Legos.  He has been lucky to receive several great Lego sets as gifts in the last year.  We have discovered, however, he likes to sit back and direct as we put together his Lego projects so he can play with them when they are finished.

 I will make more new friends at school

This dear 1st grader has so many friends at school this year.  It is such a joy to walk down the same hallways with him each day and be greeted by his friends with a "Hi! Gibson's mom!"  Gibson's friends have also been kind to take Gabe under their care as they introduce him to all things elementary school.

 I don't think I will play soccer again, but maybe baseball

We could not convince Gibson to give soccer a try again this year, even though his first season was a success. He enjoys watching Anne Hope's soccer and Gavin's baseball, but prefers to cheer from the bleachers next to his grandparents (and their ball game treats) than to be on the field. He did start taking piano lessons this fall and is catching on quickly. He loves to impress us with the songs he has memorized.

Anne Hope
We will get the movie Annie when it comes out on dvd

Of course! Annie and Inside Out were definitely favorite movies for our 9 year old this year!

 We will want to go to Florida again this year for Family Forward, but we might not be able to

Our family didn't travel to Florida this August after all, we were really missing our Family Forward friends! With our new school schedules and responsibilities Labor Day weekend just wasn't a possibility for traveling to our favorite theme park.

After very low gas prices, in 2015 the prices will hit an all time high shocking everyone

It has been interesting to see Gavin's interest in following the gas prices as they continue to fall.  He is always asking if the prices are as low now as they were when he was born, when we were born, etc.

The Tigers will win the division, be in the play offs, but not win the World Series

Honestly, I have no clue how the Tigers did this year.  I guess I feel like the guys talked more about being disappointed with game scores than celebration, so no division win?  Regardless, Gavin LOVES baseball.  He enjoys both playing the game and watching as many games as possible.  Going in to his own baseball season he was pretty sure he didn't want to pitch again this year, however when his coach put him back on the mound he did a great job.

I think I will have to go to the dentist for something big this year. Braces??

As much as Gavin would love to have braces, he still has way too many baby teeth that need to pop out.  Being in middle school he is pretty sure some level of maturity is measured by the amount of metal in one's mouth.

 How to Train Your Dragon book 12 will come out this year.

Gavin plowed through this book as soon as it was released.  He is also enjoying many new series he has discovered in the last year.  He loves to read and takes a book with him everywhere he goes.  Love it!

Taking classes to renew my teaching certificate will kick start my dreams for what I really want to be when I grow up

One of our family's most unexpected surprises this year was the job offer to return to full time teaching in the same school our children attend.  When I resigned from teaching 10! years ago to be home with our babies, I was quite sure my return to education would be in some capacity outside of the classroom.  However, I am teaching Kindergarten this year and  REALLY enjoying it.  Kinder kids grow and learn so much, so quickly.  They are so full of JOY and expectation.  It really is the best way to spend the days. In addition, it is an amazing blessing to be able to see my own children throughout the day - to eat lunch with them, play with them at recess, and appreciate my fabulous 4th grader and her helpful friends volunteering in my room each afternoon.

More natural remedies and less doctor visits (one can hope...)

We are all loving our oily remedies around here.  Being back in the classroom has proven I need to build up my immunities to the sniffles and coughs again, but it is nothing a little thieves, oregano, and RC hasn't been able to help.
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  1. I can't wait to see everyone's predictions for this year. I'm so excited for you to be able to work at the school!


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