A List Maker's Life: Sublime: A Simply, Citrus-y Mom's Day Surprise

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sublime: A Simply, Citrus-y Mom's Day Surprise

My mom is subLIME!
ORANGE you glad we have each other?
I love your ZEST for our family. 

Last year Anne Hope and I hosted all of the neighbor girls to create a special gift they could surprise their mommas with on Mother's Day.  Their moms never suspected we were crafting, hot-gluing, and arranging flowers instead of our usual hide-and-seek or Disney Headbands games.

A few weeks ago the oldest neighbor friend asked if we had a new Mother's Day gift idea for this year. Just like that - a tradition was born! 

We brainstormed several ideas, took inventory of the craft supplies we had on hand, and picked up a few fresh linen towels at the store.

Supply List
~White Tea Towels
~Citrus Fruits Sliced in Halves
~Citrus Colored Fabric/Craft Paint

Looks like a slice of sweet, summer sunshine to me!

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