A List Maker's Life: Essential Oils: Flavored Lip Balm

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Essential Oils: Flavored Lip Balm

Lately, when Anne Hope has friends over instead of asking for a craft project she requests an oil recipe.  During our last playdate we were excited to give this raspberry lemonade lip balm a try!  Gather beeswax, coconut oil, frozen raspberries, and the citrus essential oil of your choice.  Our sweet ladies chose citrus fresh when they couldn't decide between orange and lemon.  We also prepped three 4 oz. glass jars with label stickers.   

The lip balm mixed up quickly and tasted delish on the lips.  The color wasn't quite as pink as the girls were hoping for, so perhaps we could have added a few more berries.  This would be a fun last minute pamper mom gift to put together before the weekend and needs only a starter kit oil!

Essential oils have changed the way our family cleans, cures, cooks, and copes with day to day stress...and the way we craft :)!

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