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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mini Mural Studio

Have you ever been to a "wine and canvas" event?  There is great studio in our area that serves snacks and drinks while giving the step-by-step directions for paintings.  The patient instruction, and wait time for painting, makes every participant feel like a professional artist by the time they finish.

Last year for her birthday Anne Hope had a special date with Gram to Brush Studio where she painted a whimsical flower print for her room.  She loved the experience and was very mature about following along.

On her list for Spring Break activities Hope wanted a repeat visit to the studio.  However, it wasn't a great fit for the boys or our time.  With a little creative thinking between mom and dad we were able to make her painting dream come true, with a friend, in our home.

Using some cut pallet pieces, shelves from an old cabinet in the garage, and chalk board paint Kevin created easels for the experience.  Anne Hope brainstormed a painting she would like to make.  I made a model of the painting to teach the step-by-step instructions.  The girls followed along enthusiastically mixing, blending, sponging, and brushing.

They were both pretty excited about their final pieces.

We are excited to have the easels, brushes, and plenty of paints to repeat on a rainy summer day.  In fact, I might ask Kevin to build three more easels so the boys can join us next time!

What favorite experiences or events have you tried to re-create at home with your family?

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