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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lego Minifigure Storage Solution

Last week I posted this picture of an almost complete project with the hashtag #boyproblems.  My friends with children between the ages of 8-11 immediately recognized which mess we were hoping to organize with this creation. 
Gavin has been carefully collecting all of his Lego minifigures in rows along the ledges in his bedroom to keep them from losing little hands, swords, and hats in the big box of Legos. It worked to keep them from getting lost, but made it very difficult when it was time to dust his shelves. 
To prep for this project we counted out the favorite figures he wanted to display and dug through the Legos for enough 2x2 squares for each of those.  There were a few bigger characters that required 2x4 Legos.  We picked out a few extra 2x2's as well since his collection continues to grow. 
Then we headed to our favorite Hotel Furniture Outlet.  They warehouse and sell furniture and accessories that have been taken our of hotels when they are remodeled.  It takes some careful examining and searching through the stacks but we have repurposed many of these items for projects around our home.  In this case we bought a large framed painting and the deal of the week was Buy 1 Artwork, Get 1 Free
We cut through the backing on the frame and popped out the art work. We wrapped the existing piece in a slab of butcher paper and secured it back in the frame. It took a little bit of dry erase marking to be sure we had the blocks measured out in even rows, but we arranged the pieces then wiped the marker off once everything was glued in place.  The 2x2 lego bricks are directly on the glass.  The mini-figures easily snap on and off  their platforms for easy play or storage.
Gavin was excited to arrange his favorite minifigures and hang them on the frame.  Seeing how it came together inspired Anne Hope to organize all of her favorite Lego Friends ladies and their little accessories.  She chose to paint her frame, mixed a color she liked, and even ironed a piece of fabric she found in the scrap box to use instead of butcher paper.  We didn't have enough pink 2x2 bricks to finish her board right away, so we are waiting for our $4 ebay order.  As soon as they arrive we will glue this baby together and hang it in her room as well.
I love it when the kids' creativity and my need for organization collide to make a fun and functional project!
How do you store your Legos? 
 Do you kids like to keep sets together or do they all end up mixed in one big pile?
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