A List Maker's Life: School Birthday "Treat" Ideas

Monday, November 17, 2014

School Birthday "Treat" Ideas

Our kids really look forward to celebrating birthdays at school. It is important for them to pick just the right thing to pass out to the friends in their classrooms. The two oldest begin searching Pinterest months in advance to plan what they will share.  

Last June Gavin wanted s'mores for his treat and wasn't sure how to manage the fire for the marshmallows since of course a bonfire isn't allowed at school.  He was pretty pleased when we came up with an alternative that tasted just as yummy. S'more Trail Mix made with Golden Grahams, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips. His birthday was the last week of school so we packaged the mix with "All Things Summer" subway art-ish tags. I would have expected a classroom full of 4th graders to munch these in fist fulls, but many of them dug through their bags to build 1 mini s'more at a time.

Both "little" boys celebrated birthdays already this fall.  In their new schools they are asked to bring non-food party pass outs. On a hunt for inexpensive trinkets to give Gabe's class we came across a 90% off summer clearance aisle. These little octopuses are intended to be pool diving toys. Gabe and I had recently enjoyed reading Octopus' Garden together and he thought these guys looked like fun additions to his animal collection. We bought enough for his whole class and made birthday tags to attach for delivery day.  

"I am glad to be swimming in the same school as you."

Since starting Kindergarten Gibson has been obsessed with writing numbers, reading numbers, adding numbers, and occasionally thrilling an audience with the multiplication facts he has memorized. We came across a package of 30 new tangram puzzles in a thrift shop and had to grab them for his classmates even though I was not quite sure at the time how we would work them into a birthday theme. It didn't take long to come up with a tag idea making this gift fun for his classmates and appropriate for celebrating a 6th birthday.

Anne Hope is already brainstorming non-food ideas for her February celebration, but first we need to come up with "22 Things" for the kids' classroom Christmas stockings!  

Suggestions anyone?

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