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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Label {or Lose} It

Disclosure: kidecals provided complimentary product for the purpose of sharing their site with the readers of alistmakerslife.com.  Any opinions expressed here are unbiased and based on personal experience.

Popsicles, wild flowers, neighborhood friends, tree forts, and learning to ride a two-wheeler.  We are happy to enjoy every fleeting minute of freedom before settling into the school year (although, occasionally reminded to check the ads for necessary classroom supply bargains to tuck away in backpacks).  Last night my neighbor joked we might need two large plastic bins in the side yard to dump toys, hoodies, shoes, lunch dishes and a million other treasures into to trade back all that has been left in the wrong homes during summer play.  Evidently, I have four loves who could use a little help keeping track of their own things when they are too busy having fun! Had I discovered kidecals earlier this season, Gibson might actually still have 2 flip flops that match in his basket full of summer shoes.

When we do switch gears, and head back to the classroom, we need a system for making sure we get through the winter with a complete pair of gloves and boots.  In addition to a mini lecture on responsibility, we are giving our sweet Kinder a little advantage to keeping track of his own things.  Gibson will know which water bottle, pencil box, book, and rain suit are his at all times because they are going to be labeled with durable, washable, and waterproof labels (which just happen to be designed with our favorite team's colors in mind - Go Hope!).

Based on my own highly scientific, firsthand, research I know classroom teachers will return appropriately labeled items to their rightful owners 100% of the time.  Unlabeled items end up in lost and found - and eventually donated  - about 99% of the time.  Staggering statistics, right?! ;)

kidecal labels are printed on premium quality removable vinyl with a non-residue acrylic adhesive. Ideal for delicate surfaces. Ideal for avoiding the lost and found box.  

In addition to name labels for classroom supplies and clothing, kidecals has customizable options for organizing, canning, sprucing up a computer workstation, and decorating.

Currently their site has an offer for 15% off your order when you sign up for their emails.  Shipping is always free!
To learn more about kidecals or connect with them online visit them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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