A List Maker's Life: Dating Divas #Fail

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dating Divas #Fail

"Wouldn't it just be great fun to put together a scavenger hunt for our husbands about some of the places we remember from our dating journey.  Then they can have some man time in the car, and munch some candy, and end up at a fun place to eat together and watch a game or something?  Oh, and wouldn't it be cute if we called it "the road that lead us to you" and we could make each clue a color of the rainbow with the end being the pot of gold.  Maybe instead of having to search for hidden clues we could have them check in at each stop by sending a text with a picture to which we respond with some sweet note of encouragement or a memory." (paraphrased Katie)

Yah!  That sounds so creative and fun and they will totally love it.  Right?! They will feel special because we thought of them and they won't have to hang around and help as we create a big green mess of leprachaun traps and serve frozen fries and fake chicken nuggets to 7 little kids.  Yes, perfect.  Let's do it. (paraphrased Amanda)

Well, let us save you some trouble and perhaps your marital bliss ;) by letting you know how our brilliant little plan played out...

"Guys hate scavengar hunts.  We are simple and would be much happier with chips, salsa, and lemonade than a bunch of random colored candy.  Heck no would we want to spend $20 each to eat out with dudes when we could take our wives out with the same $20. Texting is annoying because it takes forever for you to respond.  Didn't you know Michigan was playin, and it ended 5 minutes before we finished following your mixed up road to no where? Your clues are crazy and don't make sense. We travel by car all week for work, the last place we want to hang out is in our cars. Sure! Perfect night out surprise...for a group of sentimental girls. The only thing that could have maybesaved that idea was if you had rented a sweet car to cruise in. (paraphrased exacerbated Kevin and even more irritated Dan)

Ha!  Anyway, couldn't resist sharing the idea so you could try it next year on St. Patrick's Day, or maybe even better...

April Fool's Day!

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  1. LOL! This is one of those things that a girl would LOVE and a man would never think of to do.

  2. Totally late to the post, but hilarious!!


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