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Friday, January 3, 2014

One Word for '14

It was our one word for 2013.

In reviewing the year past we are reminded choosing one word to focus 365 days on takes careful consideration. As it turned out, it felt a bit like we assigned our family a self fulfilling prophecy.  In reality, it had so little to do with ourselves. In prayfully seeking to embrace the unexpected and handle it gracefully, God gave us plenty of opportunity to practice.

Around October I began praying 2014's word would be slow, rest, or breathe.  Yet, with each list I began during the final weeks of December, one word stuck out - JOY.

In celebration.  In big events.  In parties.  In milestones.
As we watch our children on the athletic fields or celebrate their report cards we will clap our hands and shout with cries of joy.
{Psalm 47:1}

In trials. In disappointment. In mourning. In tears.
As we face the trials of 2014 we will consider it joy because the testing of our faith develops perserverance.
{James 1:2-3}

In giving.  In plenty.  In need.
As we enlarge our community, give thanks for our income, and share our abundance with those in need our joy will increase.
{Isaiah 9:3}

In the ordinary. In the every day.
As we make our family meal, gather to eat, drink, share stories of the day, clear, wash, and put away dishes each evening at we will do so with joyful hearts.
{Ecclesiastes 9:7}

In parenting. In discipline. In teaching. In consistency. In mentoring.
As we train our children to act virtuously, moral, and upright we build their potential for joy.
{Proverbs 10:28}

In relationships. In meeting neighbors.  In supporting friends.  In starting new schools.  In fellowshiping with our small group.  In sharing traditions with our extended families.
While we love to communicate with facebook, text, and email we look forward to talking face to face so our joy may be complete.
{2 John 1:12}

In the questions.  In the wrestling. In the big decisions.
Although we have not seen Him, we love Him.  We believe in Him and are filled with inexpressible joy.
{1 Peter 1:8}

In the many tasks listed in the small boxes on our new calendar. In our jobs. In forgiving others. In the early mornings. In the late nights.
The joy of the Lord will be our strength.
{Nehemiah 8:10}

Welcome 2014!  May this year be full of the joy and peace that comes from trusting Him.

JOYful with hope,

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