A List Maker's Life: Kicking Off a Charming 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Kicking Off a Charming 2014

Our day started with an early trip to the sledding hill in Holland. A crazy cold experience.   The snow has been falling steadily, each of our steps the first on a giant white canvas. The first memories of a new year.

Under their snow gear each of the kids wore jammies.  They didn't take them off the rest of the day.  Anne Hope pointed out, "this is the first time EVER that you didn't make us get dressed right away in the morning." Perhaps our "one word" should be CHILL.

Perler beads and Playmobile took over the dining room table during the afternoon hours. Followed by piles of 2013 magazine scraps to finish up our year in review collage.

While it wasn't a spectacular spread, dinner was served by candlelight.  A New Year's Day tradition, we mulled over wishes, hopes, and dreams.  Set our mission.  Smiled over charming good fortunes. This year Gavin assigned each of our mystery charms an appropriate statement.

For Kevin, a sunflower promises a year with plenty of room to spread out.
Gavin's butterfly encourages him to give grace.
A ladybug for Gibson carried the message - don't worry about fitting in.
Anne Hope's rock charm reminded her to believe in yourself.
Gabe's, be colorful, was inspired by the Rainbow Fish charm.
I discovered a shell, don't stay hidden.

Each phrase uniquely fits or already applies.

Several rounds of Tenzi and the crew is all tucked in.  Tomorrow Kev heads back to work; vacation was amazing, but now it's over. As for '14, well, this is just the beginning!
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