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Monday, January 6, 2014


As an incredibly thoughtful Christmas gift our sister and brother-in-law commissioned a watercolor painting of our first house for us to hang in our new one.  It is a special reminder of the house we brought all four of our babes home to.

When we looked for a frame at our favorite home furnishing on a budget shop, they had a 2-for-1 deal on framed artwork.  We brought two home and disassembled one of them to hold 658.  Anne Hope suggested we could use the second frame for a painting of our new home. With the extra time this afternoon, and no where to go in a blizzard, she tackled the self proclaimed challenge by painting our new home with acrylics.  I was impressed!

For those of you who have been  "stalking the blog for a glimpse of our new place "...cough, J.J, cough... ;). Here is the first stop on your photo tour!

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  1. What a LOVELY and THOUGHTFUL gift!! Amy and Pete? The painting is gorgeous. As is Anne Hope's :)

  2. Anne Hope your picture of your new home is just fantastic! I am very impressed, what a wonderful keepsake for mom & dad to keep forever!!! Katie, you should scan it so that if it fades in time you will always have a copy! Love it!

  3. Wow what a great gift and Anne Hope way to go girl!

  4. Love that. A sweet reminder of all those great memories! And another of so many more to come!


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