A List Maker's Life: Frozen

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


In honor of Snow Day #2, Winter Break Day #18, we are going a little Frozen!

The kids would really like to get outside to build tunnels and snow trolls, but the wind chill isn't going to allow it.  Instead we brought in an under the bed tote full of the freshest powder from the top layer on our deck.  Filled with snow animals and metal utensils their mittened fingers set to work building indoor winter caves and snow men.

Gathering 10 more cups of fluff we tried a recipe for snow ice cream.  It was a hit, although  Gibson did not find any logic in eating something so cold on a day that is cold enough already.  Gavin loved it until he noticed snow floaters in the melted ice cream in the bottom of his bowl.  Not quite as clean as it looks.  A bit of a science exploration here at our snack time!

In the afternoon we made a frozen snack for our yard's winter visitors.  Cleaning out our fruit drawer and cereal cabinet we arranged goodies in metal jello molds, sunk a loop of twine and filled them with water.  We are still waiting to see how long it will take them to freeze in the snow before we pop them out and hang them on the deck posts.

One of our children who is tall enough to reach the thermometer was a little over heated on this chilly day and turned our heat down to 61.  I couldn't figure out how the little bit of snow we brought in would cool things down so much, but now it all makes sense.  Just adding to the day's theme I guess.

Of course, the day wouldn't be complete without listening to the Frozen soundtrack (although, who are we kidding, it has been on repeat since December 26th.  All 6 of us have 100% of the lyrics memorized.

Happy Snow Day.  Stay frozen cozy!
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