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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Creative Space

Vacation has a wonderful way of allowing us to tap into our creative spaces. 

Kevin is working on a neat pallet wall bookshelf in our basement.  Brings him back to the days of cutting bricks and arranging them to fit together just right to build the artfully random.

Anne Hope has figured out patterns for making her own candies out of perler beads attaching her creations to Rainbow Loom necklaces, magnets, paper clips, and key chains.  She has dreamed up a design for transforming our Doug and Melissa grocery stand into a Sweet Shoppe for a summer sale.

Gabe has been cutting paper, pictures, and playdough into piles of confetti.  Gibson enjoys writing captions all over the pages in his coloring books.  Fascinated with how letters work together to make words and how silly words sound when they rhyme.

Decorating projects have given me an outlet for my DIY desires as we make our house feel like home. Aside from mixing colors for many painting projects I enjoyed making felt flower pillows for our living room entrance.

We used the leftover paint and felt scraps to upcycle a pile of glass spaghetti sauce jars into decorative storage.

Still inspired by our time at Family Forward, Gavin amazed us as he quietly worked with Duck Tape to create the perfect case for his new DS.  He carefully constructed pockets for each of his game cartridges as well as the stylus, and fastioned it together with strips of velcro. Pretty clever!

As we head back to routines tomorrow it will be important for us to continue to carve out time for creativity!

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