A List Maker's Life: June 2013

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Our Summer {Un}Schedule

The kids just finished two weeks of camp to kick off summer vacation.  Now we are in full summer at home, "mom I'm bored," what are we going to do today, how am I supposed to work at home with kids who don't rest, let's enjoy the sunshine mode!  I am really looking forward to the break from routines and strict schedules, but I also understand the kids' need some consistency in their day to keep calm and enjoy summer.

After quite a bit of brainstorming {and a little pinterest researching too} here is what we came up with for this year.

I put together a calendar for each month of summer specifically highlighting our family vacations and big events (this significantly cuts down on the "how many days until...").  Those events are printed in purple.  On the days we have other things scheduled I printed them in blue.  For the days where there is no play date, appointment, or vacation plan we will work together to come up with something fun to do that follow this schedule:

Make Something Monday (creating in the kitchen or craft room)
Take a Trip Tuesday (library, playground, market)
Wet Wednesday (pool, sprinkler, kid wash, slip and slide)
Think About it Thursday (problem solving activity, puzzle, game, research)
Friend Friday or Fill a Need Friday (acts of kindness)

I also explained to the kids that every "blue activity" day (meaning it is not a vacation or big event date) they will be responsible for 4 daily activities.  Each activity will earn them 1 sticker on their weekly chart.

The four daily activities include:

Each of the kids picked a couple things they would like to get better at this summer and may choose which goal to work toward each day. There is no set practice time, they may do this whenever they would like during the day.  Gavin is working on piano and magic tricks.  Anne Hope is focusing on jump roping and soccer.

See chart below.  Again this can be done anytime during the day.

Help Around the House:
Each morning I write 2-3 chores for each of the kids on a white board in the kitchen.  If their board is clear by the time they go to bed they earn the Home sticker.

Rest Time (for the under 5 crowd)

Quiet Time Rotations (for the non-nappers)
#1 - Read for 30 minutes
#2 Write for 30 minutes
#3  Computer time for 30 minutes
#4 TV time (if the kids are still sleeping)

Each sticker is worth $0.25 which we will pay out before leaving on our BIG family vacation at the end of the summer!  The math adds up to each child potentially earning $1/day.

To make the exercise piece of the daily activities even more fun we put together a 100 Miles in the Summer chart.  For every mile anyone walks, jogs, skates, or bikes we add their name to a piece of the path.  Here is our chart after week #1.

So far everything is rolling along smoothly!
  It is the perfect balance for me between schedule and {un}schedule. 

Do you make some kind of summer schedule or prefer a free for all?
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