A List Maker's Life: May 2013

Friday, May 31, 2013

My Husband, My Hero

I recently came across this picture on Pinterest and it made me smile.  While I know I've ever explained it to him like this, in my mind I envision Clark Kevin Kent, an unassuming hero in disguise whenever MY super hero swoops in and saves the moment by killing the spider climbing on the living room ceiling, taking the kids outside to play while I make dinner, or presenting me with an icy, gas station Diet Coke as he comes in from a long day at work.  It's the little things...the stuff heroes are made of!  There are also a few big keys to being a super hero.  He holds those too.  

"I'll just keep pitching until you get a hit," overheard while practicing for Little League.

Sitting in the boat with the boys as they wait to catch their first fish, listening to one of the sons methodically explaining all of the knowledge he "pretty much gained from books."

Always remembering trash day and setting out early to make sure it gets to the curb.  

Tending to our home, caring for our yard, keeping up our vehicles, and passing on these important skills to our kids as they are ready.

Speaking faith enough to hope for each one of our living, breathing blessings even when we didn't always know where we would find the space or finances to provide for them.

Being sure of what we hope for and teaching our children about the promise of heaven.

Making a point of being at every school and athletic event. Taking the day off work to go to the zoo with a bus full of Kindergarteners and calling in late on the Donuts with Grownups mornings.

Laying by the little boys to read Elmo Loves You "just one more time" and staying after the story to watch as their lashes kiss their cheeks goodnight.

Working each day to provide for our family's needs ahead of your individual wants and needs.

Sharing the best "can you beat this baby" fry off your lunch plate with the little one who has already eaten all of his own.

Random acts of sharing with us, your friends, or un-expecting strangers.

Raising our children to love everyone and truly understand God's amazing gift of grace.

Counting 13 years to their momma and
4 years with the job that will pay their college tuition and health insurance.

 Saying "I Love You" every day.  Flashing the sign when someone's friends might be listening. 
Blowing an extra kiss and squeezing us every time we wander by

For all this and more our Super Dad holds the keys to this family's hearts!
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Conversation Starter

I read a beautiful piece today written by a friend; she wrote it in honor of Memorial Day and titled it Changed.  It changed the way I thought about our day and the conversations we had with our own kids.  As we drove through town we passed a cemetery with beautiful flags dancing in the wind and a band circling the small gathering of people remembering.Gavin suggested we stop and try some geo caching in the cemetery.  "It seems appropriate to play in the cemetery or something today right mom."  We talked about the difference between celebrating and remembering.

"I was frustrated at first...thinking about how I wanted them to soak up even the smallest understanding, grow the tiniest bud of appreciation for the freedom they enjoy. " Hyacynth

This afternoon as our yard work and wiffle ball game took a turn and the rain started to fall everyone came inside to be entertained.  With Hy's words in mind I put together a simple activity for the kids.

{materials: white paper, colored pencils, thematic magazine pictures}
{With the magazine cut outs glued to the paper each of us picked a picture to finish. The kids were instructeds to create a scene showing what their character would be doing on Memorial Day}
{finished drawings}
While an art project may have very little to do with Memorial Day it had everything to do with having our whole family around the table together talking about our country, asking questions, and remembering the sacrifice of the brave.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer Fun List '13

This weekend's unofficial start of summer had us dreaming of all the fun 
we want to have during summer vacation this year.  

We brainstormed, printed, folded, and created; now our Summer To-Dos are hanging...

...and OH! does it make us happy. 

Now we just have to finish the countdown to June 7 when the official "school's out season" begins.

Many of the items on our list are traditional faves and planned vacations. There are several activity ideas we added this year though that are Pinterest inspired.  Check out my Summer To Do List board for links and instructions to some of the ideas the kids chose to add. I also took several ideas from the ebook, Kid Ventures: 50 Outdoor Experiences of Wonder, Discover, and Childhood Memories.  For a whimsical list you might want to visit my friend JodiMichelle.  I love the way she thinks about making magic with her kids this summer. {I also love that between now and June 7 we have some great, not from the list, memories to make with sweet far away friends who are coming to visit and that countdown is down to ONE hand!}

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Personality Plus

In my efforts to keep my little boys little for as long as possible I had no intentions of sending Gibson to three school.  When his "best girl" (well, her momma) decide to try GymStarz preschool one day a week it sounded like an option I might be able to consider.  The schedule became a life saver as it coordinated nicely with one of Gabe's weekly appointments and the sitter schedule when I started working in December.  The experience was an obvious fit for Gibson to learn through movement, express himself with silly songs, experience God's love through a teacher full of grace for all kids and their unique personalities, and to work on his zoo phonics friends a bit too. Last night was his Gymstarz graduation and a perfect time for us to appreciate how Gibson has grown since his first day of school.

Not an ounce of stage fright for the Gibster as he marched down the aisle in his makeshift graduation hat and stepped up on the podium to receive his diploma (seriously? three school!? The big kids are really having a hard time wrapping their heads around all the fanfare to celebrate Gibson's 3 hours of school a week ;))

 {"Teacher, her name is not KorrIah, it's KorrAyah"}

In the graduation program Gibson's bio said he wants to be a police driver when he grows up because he likes cars and super heroes. "I'd also like to thank my parents for taking me to Disney" He believes in the power of suggestion.  This year we recognized Gibson also believes in fearlessly sticking up for the people he loves, following the rules when they really matter, figuring out where the rules are better off bent, and finding all the fun in life!

It isn't hard to imagine a picture similar to this one 14 years from now. For now though we will just look forward to the smiles and stories these two will share as they head off together on some new adventures in four school.
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