A List Maker's Life: January 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Few Predictions for '13

Anne Hope
~Princess Kate will have a baby girl
~It will rain more in 2013

~Our family will get one more Apple product (He is saving his cash for a iPod)
~When I turn 9 I will get my own pocket knife
~This winter I will really learn to snowboard even if I have to practice in the sand on the dunes
~Hopefully we will see the Titanic exhibit again when it is in Grand Rapids
~By the end of the year I won’t be afraid of cats anymore

~I think I will get my own cowboy boots

~We will finally replace our front door
~It's gonna be another HOT summer
~Tigers WILL win the World Series
~A former president will die
~It's obvious...everything will fluctuate, the housing market will hardly change, and the economy will stay bad.  Those are all stupid things to make predictions about now.
~We will listen to annoying one hit wonders on the radio
~I will do my best to avoid any news this year
~Daniel Day Lewis will win best actor at the Oscars for his role as Lincoln 
~Taylor Swift's dating life will continue to draw lots of attention and inspire song lyrics

~Bachelor Sean will be so entertaining that Kevin will even be sucked in to the series.
~One of our children will continue with piano.  One will continue with soccer.
~Our camper will get out more in 2013 than it did last summer
~I will unnecessarily stress over Gibson’s preschool decision and he will love it no matter where he goes.

More letting go.  Transition.  Revised Focus.
The unexpected will be a whole lot more significant than the planned!

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