A List Maker's Life: November 2013

Friday, November 8, 2013


In the past years as fall progresses I mentally recount each minute leading up to the day, in that third week of October, when my sweet newborn babe was finally released from the hospital.  It was time to move beyond the NICU walls to the home waiting for him.  There was impatience as we waited to be a family of six under the safety of our own roof for the first time.

As we approached the family drive my chest tightened. 
"Slow down, Kev.  I can not go in quite yet.  Will we know how to be a family here outside of the Room 227?"

Yet, as I walked back into our home for the first time in over a month I remember marveling at how bright the sunshine came through our windows, how warm the colors on the wall appeared, and how high the ceiling seemed above us.

This October not a single hospital flash back darted through my mind as we counted up the fall days as quickly as we could.  Anticipating. Waiting for a new home.

In the transition we have reminded ourselves often -  home is not a place where we spend our time, as much as it is any place where we have our family all together. 658. Our camper popped up on the beach.  Our van on the drive to and from school.  The Sunday morning church pew. Rooms filled with bunks in a house shared with friends. The library after school, in that third week of October, where we met to catch up on the day, finish homework, and read a pile of good books before heading off in separate directions for our Wednesday night activities.  home.

As we look forward to a new home we wrestle the emotions that come with transitions.  We wonder, wait, and hope for what is next. While admittedly, dreaming of Home. All together again.

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