A List Maker's Life: Teach Them What to Carry

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Teach Them What to Carry

Today we take our new shoes out of the boxes and tie them on for the adventure.
Came more quickly than we wished.

Take these shoes, 
Make them fit

Commitments we have accepted in the last year have changed our family dynamics, changed the amount of time we have together, and changed the time we have to devote to activities and projects we most enjoy. These commitments, while they seem important, sometimes leave us feeling as if we were wasting precious time click clacking down the dead end streets.

With the dawn of a new school year just creeping up to the horizon my heart and mind are awake with thoughts of all to come.  Dreams and goals for my three school bound babes. Dreams for my time alone with "the babe."  Dreams of making a difference.

Take these hands, 
Teach them what to carry 
I pray

This time of year always feels like a fresh start,
more than the New Year
this is a new year for scheduling and prioritizing.

Teach me Father to fill my days saying "Yes" to the things most important:
to my husband, to our family
to Your Kingdom.

It is time.

May I pick up
and hold tight,
to love, kindness, and Light.

Take this heart
And make it break

Yahweh by U2

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  1. I love the heart shape that you made our of pebbles, also the sunset it beautiful


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