A List Maker's Life: Creating a Family Mission Statement

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Creating a Family Mission Statement

Hanging in our entry is a framed picture of each of our family members hand in hand.  Beneath the picture is the quote, "The M___ Family: Where each lives for the other and all live for God." I've always considered it our family mission of sorts, or a charge for the day as to how we should treat one another.

As part of the Family Forward retreat we attended in August, Mom It Forward released a series of ebooks about Becoming a Super Family.  The entire idea of the series is right up my alley, and an appropriate extension to the research I've done about creating family traditions and teaching family values.  Before leaving for Family Forward, I read through all of the books and set up a plan to work through one book a month as a family during the new school year. Inspired by the introductory book, The Road Map, we could not wait to kick off our super family study, and did so during our last camping trip of the summer.  We lit a giant campfire, roasted our marshmallow treats, and spent time brainstorming a family mission statement.  The suggested prompt question we used: What Does Your Family Value.  Kevin and I listened and recorded as our kids came up with this amazing list.  It was heart warming to hear what really matters to our little ones Eventually we will work to put these ideas into a family mission statement, but at this point an eye catching list which we can display in our home will encourage us as we write a summary of these values and use the list to determine some family goals.

Do you have a family mission statement? What does your family value?
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