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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Birthday Pleasures

He woke up much earlier than necessary this morning and hustled in to our room. Hopping up into our bed he snuggled in and giggled, and giggled.  Finally verbalizing his inner delight, "Today is my birthday.  Now I'm 3..."


We planned out our day with the intention of including something special Gabe chose for all of us to do.  He was pretty certain Crazy Bounce would be the perfect way to celebrate...

...and Cupcakes!

He wasn't quite as confident about Crazy Bounce once we checked in, changed everyone into their bouncing socks, and hit the giant slides. Yet, he patiently watched the kids play before warming up enough to join them on a slide or two.  It was less than an hour into his special event when he announced, and his sweet siblings immediately changed back to shoes to accommodate, he would rather go to "Bad Guys and Fries..."

...then Cupcakes!

While opening his presents he kindly smiled and hugged the giver of each of his specially chosen new toys. He spent the most time appreciating the coloring book given by his favorite sister and explaining the scenes and characters on each page while his captive audience listened.

After dinner we lit three candles and counted down to the birthday song.  He started in loud & strong with our off key sing along.  "Wait! That's silly. I don't sing on this day." He clapped for us as we finished and gave his candles a strong blow.

The highlight of his day, baked by his brothers and carefully self-decorated with pink frosting, loads of sprinkles, and an abundance of fingerprints...

...the Cupcakes!
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