A List Maker's Life: Top Attractions for Young Children at #UniversalOrlando Islands of Adventure

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Top Attractions for Young Children at #UniversalOrlando Islands of Adventure

Everything in Seuss Landing is delightful for young children.  The whimsical Caro-Seuss-El plays a unique musical score and with so many creative creatures it is tempting to ride over and over to try them all.

We twisted our way through Nick and Sally's adventure with The Cat in the Hat, more than once, noticing different story specific details on each ride.

The sky trolley that took us through the story of the Sneeches was a pleasant ride.  The kids especially liked how the trolley traveled through Circus McGurkus (where we later had to eat our lunch!).

Our favorite ride on this island was One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  While dodging the water fountains on this spinning ride the narrator gives riders a rhyme to follow along with in hopes of staying dry.  Loved it!

Despite the crazy heat at the time of day we tried to enjoy Toon Lagoon the kids loved playing on Popeye's ship S.S. Olive Oil, called Me Ship, The Olive.

Pteranadon Flyers was another family favorite. Two by two we soared far above Camp Jurassic where it was exciting to play I Spy from the sky. This ride had just enough twists, dips, and turns for the kids to feel like they were on "a real roller coaster."

Kevin and Gavin LOVED the Jurassic Park River Adventure ride with a T-Rex sized surprise at the end, but this one might not qualify as toddler friendly ;)

One of Gibson's highlights at Island of Adventure was seeing all of his favorite superheros swoop in on their ATVs for the Marvel Superhero Parade!  When he is just a bit taller I am certain Gibson will be the one of our children begging for a chance to ride The Incredible Hulk Coaster!

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  1. I love this list! We enjoyed all of these attractions, too.


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