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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top 5 Attractions for Young Children

There are many attractions at Universal Orlando to thrill a family.  There may be a misconception that the characters and attractions are exclusively geared toward older children and adults. We discovered that to be false, there is no shortage of great rides to enjoy as a family from 36 inches tall to 56+. In addition to the few listed here our family also loved watching Shrek 4-D, Twister (although we might have a bed full of little ones during the next thunderstorm), Animal Actors, Woody Woodpecker's Mini Coaster, Crustyland, a magic show, and the AMAZING night time Cinematic Spectacular!

Without too much more gushing, here are the Top 5 rides as agreed upon by my favorite 5:

Fievel's Play Land
Misting fans greet parents as they settle in to watch their children explore this giant play land.  Our kids rode Fievel's water slide over and over and over...

E.T. Adventure
This was another ride our kids asked to repeat x3 (at least!).  The vehicle for this adventure is an old fashioned bicycle that flies through several familiar scenes from E.T. and ends with an "It's a Small World" vibe as E.T. is reunited with his family.

The Ball Factory
Our family had a ball in the factory!  The kids could seriously have spent an entire day with Curious George in his splash pad play land created with sets taken right from the stories.  We were brainstorming how we could bring a ball factory back to Holland.  It would be a blast for birthday parties or a family night out.

Superstar Parade
This well designed parade included something for everyone.  The music and dancing were so entertaining and the colorful floats and costumes are so attractive.  (It didn't hurt that we had VIP seats for viewing)

Minion Mayhem
Everyone from our family enjoyed this 4-D attraction.  Kevin and the boys sat in stationary seating where they watched the screen as a 3-D movie and loved it.  Anne Hope and I took a risk and sat in the seats that move taking us on an inside, outside, upside down adventure.

In Springfield, home of the Simpsons, which just opened last week! the oldest 3 loved Kang and Kodo's Twirl and Hurl ride.  The ride spins with a video game vibe and the kids most enjoyed being able to control how high or low their vehicle traveled.  (Oops, I guess I couldn't resist listing 6)!

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  1. It's great to hear about your experience with little ones, as mine was so different with teenagers. We didn't even stop at any of the attractions you mentioned, but they definitely look awesome for younger kids! I guess Universal Orlando really *did* have something for everyone.


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