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Thursday, August 8, 2013

So Much Good

This summer has been loaded with good things.  There is no way we will look back on these short weeks and lament that we didn't squeeze every ounce of fun out of our days. I refuse to look ahead at the calendar and focus on how little time is left, rather I will focus on all the memories we have left to make before September places its pesky demands on our schedule again.

Today's Gifts:

2 under 4 who slept in until 9:45 AM (unheard of!  our crew is always up before 7...just ask the poor tent campers who have parked next to our pop up for the last 3 weekends)

picking 4 quarts of blackberries

fried egg sandwiches for lunch with the Great Grands

planning a yummy raspberry almond bar tea party surprise for a special anniversary celebration

pre-florida pedis for the ladies in our family, complete with flowers and glitter and a cute new pair of flip flops with a big pink bow

visiting dad at work after his very important (winky face) SNOW & ICE Summit (It's AUGUST, people!) where he successfully spoke to local contractors about how to push a shovel

single stems of zinnias in spray painted pop bottles

blue skies and puffy white clouds

driving with the windows down

a Kristian Stanfill youtbe concert while I work tonight to fill in for the in real life one many of our local friends are enjoying

It's still summer,
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