A List Maker's Life: Summer Fun List '13

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer Fun List '13

This weekend's unofficial start of summer had us dreaming of all the fun 
we want to have during summer vacation this year.  

We brainstormed, printed, folded, and created; now our Summer To-Dos are hanging...

...and OH! does it make us happy. 

Now we just have to finish the countdown to June 7 when the official "school's out season" begins.

Many of the items on our list are traditional faves and planned vacations. There are several activity ideas we added this year though that are Pinterest inspired.  Check out my Summer To Do List board for links and instructions to some of the ideas the kids chose to add. I also took several ideas from the ebook, Kid Ventures: 50 Outdoor Experiences of Wonder, Discover, and Childhood Memories.  For a whimsical list you might want to visit my friend JodiMichelle.  I love the way she thinks about making magic with her kids this summer. {I also love that between now and June 7 we have some great, not from the list, memories to make with sweet far away friends who are coming to visit and that countdown is down to ONE hand!}

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