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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Conversation Starter

I read a beautiful piece today written by a friend; she wrote it in honor of Memorial Day and titled it Changed.  It changed the way I thought about our day and the conversations we had with our own kids.  As we drove through town we passed a cemetery with beautiful flags dancing in the wind and a band circling the small gathering of people remembering.Gavin suggested we stop and try some geo caching in the cemetery.  "It seems appropriate to play in the cemetery or something today right mom."  We talked about the difference between celebrating and remembering.

"I was frustrated at first...thinking about how I wanted them to soak up even the smallest understanding, grow the tiniest bud of appreciation for the freedom they enjoy. " Hyacynth

This afternoon as our yard work and wiffle ball game took a turn and the rain started to fall everyone came inside to be entertained.  With Hy's words in mind I put together a simple activity for the kids.

{materials: white paper, colored pencils, thematic magazine pictures}
{With the magazine cut outs glued to the paper each of us picked a picture to finish. The kids were instructeds to create a scene showing what their character would be doing on Memorial Day}
{finished drawings}
While an art project may have very little to do with Memorial Day it had everything to do with having our whole family around the table together talking about our country, asking questions, and remembering the sacrifice of the brave.

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