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Monday, December 31, 2012

Predictions Check Up

Last night we took a look back at the predictions we made for 2012 to see how we did.  

~Kevin and I will take our first plane ride together
We cancelled our January trip, but enjoyed some nice family getaways close to home during the year instead.

~Taking 2 more grad classes in 2012 will make me itchy to get back in the classroom
Grad classes were a success.  Hours logged and ready to apply toward my new teaching certificate.  Whether or not it gets any use in the next 6 years is yet to be seen.

~No Royal baby yet in 2012 for Will and Kate
2012, no.  2013 yes!

~The price of gas will be over $5/gallon by late spring
Thank goodness it didn't.  Even with the prices averaging less in 2012 than 2011 our family was ready for a more fuel efficient vehicle!

~There will still be snow on the ground at my birthday (April 13)
~The Packer's will win the Superbowl
~The book Unbroken should be made into a movie.
My fact checker didn't get back to me on his predictions, but I'm pretty sure these are three incorrect for this year.  It looks like Unbroken is in the works though with Angelina Jolie as director?!

~Obama will win a 2nd term, no contest – 4 more years.
It was more of a contest than either of us predicted, but Obama stays in the White House for 4 more years.

~Gabe will take his first steps before summer 
More of a dream than a prediction we were blown away by the gift of Gabe's first steps in May and the way he continues to plow forward on his feet to keep up with his siblings.  

~We will take a train trip to Chicago
No train trips to Chicago this year, but we will encourage Gavin to add that prediction again on his 2013 list.

~I will play baseball and soccer again – 2 fun seasons
Gavin enjoyed lots of time on the field hanging out with his friends.  Quite honestly, the time with his friends is all that matters to this little guy with less than a hint of competitive nature for athletics.

~We will get a pet goldfish
Anne Hope had four little Princess fish this year.

~I will meet more friends 
~I will get a Wii game for my birthday in June 
~I will learn something new in school
Yes. Yes. Yes! 2012 brought some great new school friends, Wii fun, and another anxious 1st grade reader.

~Matt Lauer will leave the Today show 
Guess not, but I still wonder about those Ryan Seacrest rumors..
~The Kardashians will finally go away 

Maybe not, but we quit paying any attention ;)

More Hope. More Courage. More Joy.


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