A List Maker's Life: 2012 Family Highlights

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Family Highlights


Gabe's 1st preschool experience during a 2 week session at Conductive Learning Center.

Our birthday girl hosted a sleepover and dressed as a pirate for her Strawberry Shortcake party.

Our family enjoyed an overnight getaway to explore the Titanic exhibit in Detroit.

Anne Hope's kicked off an undefeated soccer season.

Tulip Time brought sunshine, parades, and Gabe's first tip toeing in the tulips.  He learned to stand early in May and took his first steps by the end of the month.

Lots of side line sitting for our happy spectators between Little League and soccer games.


Our annual 4th of July parade grew out of our yard and expanded to include a lively pancake breakfast in the park. Oh, and it was HOT!

ARCADIA!  The best family time away ever!

Back to Busy.  Anne Hope off to 1st grade, Gavin to 3rd, Gibson started preschool, and my "baby Gabe" turned 2!

Treats & Trails. Spooks & Sweets.

Of course November brought thanks for many things, but extra excited thanks from these two for the chance to meet the author of the Wimpy Kid books.

December brought...{focus on the positives, focus on the positives, focus on the positives}...Christmas carols and kids' concerts.

Looking forward to all that 2013 will bring!

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