A List Maker's Life: What Would You Buy?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

What Would You Buy?

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday and I am all for getting my shopping done online.  In fact, almost everything I have bought so far has been delivered to my doorstep.  In hopes of getting some of Santa's shopping done tomorrow I had Gibson tell me about his Christmas wishes. Now I am super confused about what to get him.

fake outside car that works
toy shoes
fake ball that bounces up so I can catch it
fake paper - can I color? can you see it?
fake lights that don't work
a fake sink with no water
a toy person
a toy I can wear outside and inside
a thing that walks itself when you don't push a button
a toy thing that rides a motorcycle
one of these
one of those
...and that's it!

Anyone have any clever interpretations or suggestions on the perfect fake gift?  I'm thinking about wrapping up an imaginary friend.
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  1. Hahahha!!! Totally love it! But no suggestions on getting a fake anything ;)

  2. Katie, you need to expose that boy to some commercials and toy catalogs so he can learn how to write a list that the stores would be proud of.

  3. hahahahaha!! Katie, this is too funny!!! You will have to keep us posted on what he gets! :)


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