A List Maker's Life: Christmas Card Tricks: Tip No. 4

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas Card Tricks: Tip No. 4

Hint #4: Explore the options for using promo codes and coupons.

Here are a few promo codes available right now for your Christmas Card orders.

Ink Garden

Ink Garden has a few different options available between now and December 13.  This is the first year I have used Ink Garden and I am quite excited about how our batch of cards from them turned out and how quickly they arrived!

  • Customize a Christmas gift tag and order 20 FREE using promo code: FREETAGS

Create a basic Christmas Card using Ink Garden's online service.  Order 10 FREE using promo code: WINTERCARDS

Upgrade your basic card creation with a premium shape (oval or ornate). Use the promo code: HolidayCards at check out to get your order for just $2 + s/h.  When I researched this promo code it mentions that the first 10 cards are $2 and the rest of the order will be billed at 40% off. However, I added 30 cards to my card.  After adding this promo code my entire order came to $2 (+4.50 for s/h).


Snapfish is a long time favorite for many in the world of online printing. I personally don't use their service.  I tried it once when I first created an account, but haven't used them again.  (Not for any particular reason).  Anyway...

Through this weekend (expires 11/13) all of their photo cards are being offered at 60% off using promo code : YIPPEECARDS.  I don't know anything about their s/h charges, but would be curious to hear if anyone tries this one.

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Disclosure: I have not been compensated for this post or the text links within.  I am sharing this today in hopes of helping you make the most of your Christmas card budget.

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