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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A BeYOUtiful Banner

back story

My dreaming, scheming friend and I have been working on the details of a new adventure. It's about a little crafting, a little hosting, a little encouraging, and a BIG chance to build confidence within our daughters.  We think when it is ready it will be a BeYOUtiful event!

But, I will save the details of that for another day.

fast forward

The week we were working on a logo idea and a possible display set up for our event I was contacted by Signazon.com.  Their hope was that I would be interested in checking out their custom vinyl banners for review.  Perfect timing. Perfect product.  I was excited to put together a logo banner, pleased with the ease of the process, impressed by the customer service, and thrilled to have it delivered so quickly!
 {Hopefully, I will be able to post another picture of the banner in its' intended place soon}

I have ordered custom banners in the past, but this was my first experience with Signazon.  I was especially aware of their top notch customer service.  They stayed in communication with me throughout the process to ensure our banner turned out just the way we expected.  I also appreciate the sturdy grommets on each corner and in the middle of the top and bottom of the banner.  

Signazon provides options for creating a outdoor and two-sided banners. The online design process was easy to navigate.  If you are hoping to put together your design quickly there is an option for super efficiency using one of the MANY pre-made templates.  However, for those who like to start a design from scratch you will appreciate the freedom to create an image of your own and upload it to a blank banner template.

In our storage room we actually have a vinyl banner stand where we keep our banner collection safe and usually dry. Yes! I am a fan of using vinyl banners - to simplify decorating, enhance traditions, and  clean up and store easily.

You may have noticed in birthday party pictures posted in the past, we always hang a CELEBRATE banner to greet the birthday boy or girl when they wake in the morning on their special day. We also hang this banner every September for our Back to School Breakfast.

So, what might you make a custom vinyl banner for this November?  Here are a few ideas to get you thinking!

~Welcome the guests to your holiday parties with a custom banner
~Create a sign for a holiday craft show or gift gallery at church or school
~Make a birthday banner to hang on each child's special day
~Decorate for a New Year's Eve party or dance
~Draw attention to a Thanksgiving food drive

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Disclosure: Thank you to Signazon.com for providing me with a free customized banner of my choice in exchange for my honest review. 


  1. Very cool Katie! You always have the best ideas and so many balls in the air. I don't know how you keep up with it all! I enjoyed seeing how you used your banner.


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