A List Maker's Life: A Better Recipe

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Better Recipe

This fall has been many good things, yet much time away from home. 
Rushing and pushing. Meeting deadlines and making appointments. 

We have also been dealing with behavior. Attitudes that leave me feeling even more frantic than keeping up the pace of schedules for six. 

Tonight's calendar was clear. More than just shoveling in a dinner with our family loosely gathered around the table, we enjoyed a meal. We ate, visited, and stayed to keep the conversation going after the food was gone.  

The board game Gibson unwrapped on his birthday got the first go round. We built wooden block cages for all of his new animals and assembled a Hot Wheels ramp. 

Instead of the news blaring on the TV, the radio beckoned little booties to a lively dance party. 

The special family recipe Gramma Great recently shared provide an opportunity for measuring practice, apple slicing experimentation, and making the house “smell like Christmas.” With the promise of fresh apple crisp not a single child begged for another piece of Halloween candy.

We read bedtime stories. Not just the required homework book, but an entire pile of favorites.

Not so ironically, there wasn't a single behavior correction necessary. 
Not a single negative attitude to readjust.
Just happy hearts.

And with those happy hearts off to bed, my mind is free to wander. 
To settle. To reflect. To write something other than my to-do list. 

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