A List Maker's Life: Fair Trade?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fair Trade?

Today was the day!
We made the big swap...

...from picnics to packed lunches,
...from bonfires to bedtimes,
...from summer friends 
to school year besties,
...from flip flops 
to back packs,
...from looking out to taking in,
...from porch swing 
to playground,
...from following the leader 
to following the teacher,

 ...from searching for Petoskeys to searching for knowledge,

 ...from playing school 
to starting school,
...from the Great Lakes
to Great Lakes,
...from summer
to school year!
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  1. Such great summer pictures! I'm guessing a photo book to capture the memories in your future...

  2. So cute! Anne Hope's school outfit is adorable! Did you make it?


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