A List Maker's Life: Adjusting

Saturday, September 8, 2012


We are four days into this new routine where our big kids head off to school for 7 hours of their day.  They seem to be transitioning well, but I still feel like the littles and I spend much of those 7 hours spinning around our house trying to settle in to an activity while checking the clock and counting down the minutes until pick up time.

It is strange, but our day has always been organized around their schedules, their snack break preferences, their favorite lunches, their rules for play, and their friends’ visits. The youngest two have always been up for the ride and happily participate as they are directed.  Now they have to learn how to do a bit of the orchestrating on their own. 

On a whim we stopped last week at our local indoor playground, after two Dr. visits and groceries, to find a bit of fun.  We had the place to ourselves, which used to be a treat with all 4 in tow.  Yet, this particular morning “all to ourselves” seemed a bit too quiet.  I scrolled through my phone contacts considering who we might call to join us for a quick climb and slide.  I quickly realized most of our recently and regularly dialed numbers would be to working mommas, or those whose own children are also off to full time school for the first time.  The realization is a reminder of my original “long range plan.” Before leaving my full time teaching job I was certain this would be the year I was back to school with the crew.  I’m not. Oh, but, please! don’t read this as a complaint.

It is a blessing to still be able to be home with my two youngest lovies, but it is different.  The three of us have a new long range plan: settle in to our own groove, find some new playmates, discover our own favorite places and toys.  There are new batches of memories to make.  There are new moments to make count -  instead of just counting the moments until we need to join the afterschool pick up line. 

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  1. I bet that is a hard thing to adjust to. I know you will find a new normal!

  2. Come see Korra and I as we are lost too!!!


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