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Friday, August 31, 2012

I Think I'm Back

You've sent my mom a message to find out where we've been all summer?  Well, here I am! Feet up and reading.  Ha! (Maybe not all summer, but last week I enjoyed this!)

It appears I took an extended summer blogging break!  My quiet www:// wasn’t intentional at first.  But you see, napping (or a quiet time) is a must in our house until first grade.  This is the first summer I official had two none nappers.  Rather than still sending them to their rooms for an hour of uninterrupted house cleaning blogging time we used nap time to make some extra memories by participating in crafts, games, and baking projects that we wouldn’t normally be able to do with “the babies”* awake.  All that to say we had a great summer.  We fit in loads of fun – everything on our summer list and then some – and now my kids are heading back to school (insert pouty lip)!  So, I am hoping you will all be willing to have me back here on the interwebs and keep me company during nap time so I won’t cry about missing Gavin and Anne Hope.  Well, at least on the days we don’t have mom’s group, therapy, or preschool, or doctors appointments…you get the idea ;) 

*My “babies” totally aren’t babies anymore, but when I am really ready to admit that it might be worthy of a whole post.

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  1. Wow, naps until 1st grade! That's awesome! Abby stopped napping at 3 and she has no idea what quiet time it. LOL! I think that's where a sibling to play with her would have come in handy.

    I'm glad you all had a great Summer!


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