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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Staying Cool

While I was out of town last weekend Kevin showed me up - big time! - by taking all four kids to the beach by himself.  It is something I often consider, but always talk myself out of after thinking through the logistics of carrying all of our gear and 2 toddlers down the stairs and through the sand all the way to the water's edge.  Kevin, on the other hand, made it happen!  They all had a great time Yet, after recognizing the great effort it is to beach it with only one set of adult eyes, he was more than excited to come up with another way for us to stay cool during the hot summer afternoons.  

Welcome Kid Wash!

After browsing several similar ideas on Pinterest, Kevin created his own version using sprinkler head pieces he is familiar with from work.  While he figured out the PVC configuration the kids and I browsed the dollar store for noodle and sponge accessories. 

Everyone is having fun with the Kid Wash.  They've spent hours in it already.  In fact, today we put the Slip N' Slide under it to make it even more speedy.   

But...just to be sure we take full advantage of our great summer weather we'll probably still hit the beach tonight when we have 4 eyes and arms to keep on the kids {smiles}.

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