A List Maker's Life: Summer Fun List '12

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Fun List '12

The act of hanging the summer fun list holds just as much anticipation as our stockings in December.  The kids and I get giddy dreaming of all the excitement June, July, and August bring.  Opportunities to call the friends we haven't played with in months, to say "Yes" without checking the clock first, and to try the kids crafts piling up on my Pinterest boards  - bring it on!


We've been gathering ideas since we took down our empty Summer '11 list, so our lines are especially loaded this year. 

 I even made the hanging tents half the size of last years' and they still look crowded.  Can't wait to start * wasting playing, crafting, experimenting, visiting, enjoying our time, and exploring!

*The quote on our June calendar is appropriate...
"The time you enjoy wasting is NOT wasted time. ~Bertrand Russell
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