A List Maker's Life: Relax! Summer is Here

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Relax! Summer is Here

This morning there was a message in my inbox from a friend,
What does your afternoon look like today?

It looks like
4 kids still in jammies
a mom in need of a shower
someone already off to work for the day
Strawberry Shortcake meets Pet Shop scattered around the living room rug
multiple piles of laundry to jump over or shuffle through
sheet striped beds
packing for camp
chairs around the lawn from last nights' party
more chairs on top of the kitchen table waiting for the floors to be mopped
someone just took off down the street on his new bike
a sink full of cold soapy water and dirty dishes
someone else  just threw my camera in where??
well...there is a half  pan of yummy chocolate brownies
and cute leftover birthday plates.

Come on over! I replied

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