A List Maker's Life: June 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Gavin has spent the first two weeks of summer vacation attending the camp I went to as a child.  So much of it is just as it has always been. Just the way it should be.  His counselors are the grandchildren of the dear men and women who used to spend the days with the 8 year old version of me.

On the very first day Gavin made fast friends with the son of one of my favorite camp buddies. "Mom, I met a kid today at camp.  I asked him if we could be friends since we were going to be spending lots of time together.  He said, 'of course, we are already friends'."  

How did they know? I wonder if they also know on the last day of camp they will likely pledge to be friends for life.  They will hop in cars headed in different directions. They may write letters full of memories from now until September when they jump into the routines of the school year in different cities and different districts. Yet, next June they will likely find themselves back on the same hillside enjoying each other's company as if not a day has passed between them.

When he calls at night to tell me about his day I can smell the leather craft remnants on his hands. I feel the squish of the bottom of the pond. I hear the "splish splash!" of the River of Life. I imagine similar phone conversations in years to come when I might even admit that the only reason his momma took the same air riflery class he is taking is because that's where the cute boys hung out. duh!

What a joy to walk over the tracks, along the creek, and through the woods of my mind, just as he and his flip flops are forging their first summer camp trail.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Relax! Summer is Here

This morning there was a message in my inbox from a friend,
What does your afternoon look like today?

It looks like
4 kids still in jammies
a mom in need of a shower
someone already off to work for the day
Strawberry Shortcake meets Pet Shop scattered around the living room rug
multiple piles of laundry to jump over or shuffle through
sheet striped beds
packing for camp
chairs around the lawn from last nights' party
more chairs on top of the kitchen table waiting for the floors to be mopped
someone just took off down the street on his new bike
a sink full of cold soapy water and dirty dishes
someone else  just threw my camera in where??
well...there is a half  pan of yummy chocolate brownies
and cute leftover birthday plates.

Come on over! I replied

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Fun List '12

The act of hanging the summer fun list holds just as much anticipation as our stockings in December.  The kids and I get giddy dreaming of all the excitement June, July, and August bring.  Opportunities to call the friends we haven't played with in months, to say "Yes" without checking the clock first, and to try the kids crafts piling up on my Pinterest boards  - bring it on!


We've been gathering ideas since we took down our empty Summer '11 list, so our lines are especially loaded this year. 

 I even made the hanging tents half the size of last years' and they still look crowded.  Can't wait to start * wasting playing, crafting, experimenting, visiting, enjoying our time, and exploring!

*The quote on our June calendar is appropriate...
"The time you enjoy wasting is NOT wasted time. ~Bertrand Russell
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