A List Maker's Life: On a Whim

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On a Whim

I've painted favorite phrases on cast off pieces of wood before.

Hanging above our kids' room 
Above the door we most often walk out

After reading a friend's How To post on painting a piece of discarded barn wood, I decided to "make lemonade" from one of the many the broken slabs of our neighbors' neglected fence that keep dropping in our driveway.

{add a splash of WHIMSY}

This cheerful reminder of Love Does, where Whimsy is the hallmark of a life lived with extraordinary, fanciful, playful love, is currently propped on our freshly painted bathroom wall. post signature


  1. Did you free-hand that? It's cute, but I am so bad at painting letters.

  2. Love this! Ur so creative.....just like your mom and gma!


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