A List Maker's Life: Peep Pops

Friday, April 6, 2012

Peep Pops

As if Peeps are not sugary enough, we decided to roll them in some more sugar and turn them into  ridiculously sweet treats.

 We melted down a bag of white chocolate chips with a dash of olive oil to make the mixture smooth.

{didn't you know that bunnies hatch out of eggs too?}

After we added the sticks the Peep Pop shells needed to harden up before being arranged in their grass basket.

There you have it...
an Easter treat that will fit right in at the kids' table.

While I think they turned out cute, even my sweet tooth shivers when I look at these!
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Disclaimer: Believe it or not, the kids and I invented this idea on our own, but now I am going to head over to search Pinterest and likely find that we aren't the first to dip our Peeps in piles of sugar.

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