A List Maker's Life: Dear Mothers,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dear Mothers,

In the fall of 2008 I had just delivered our third child, my sweet Gibson.  When I read this post about a father seeking to encourage his wife, the mother of three little ones as well, I was moved to participate. I wrote that mama, a sister-friend I have never met, a heart felt letter from my trench to hers. After sending off my words of encouragement I thought little about that letter again. Although, I did look forward to one day reading the hundreds of other letters that were sent her way.  

This winter I was contacted with a request to share my letter in a published collection, Mother Letters. So much has changed since that original letter was written.  There have been many tears and so many messes, but also been great victories.

This artful collection of words and photos includes encouragement from some of my favorite writers: Ann Voskamp, Stephanie Precourt, Arianne, and Robin.  It is also filled with wonder, laughter, camaraderie, life, love, heart break and joy. To order your copy of the Mother Letters e-book find more information here

Be reminded that none of us are alone in our adventures in Motherhood. 
 It is a gift to be one small piece of this beautiful woven cloth.

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  1. Congratulations on your letter being included in this collection! So fun to see your name listed on the book's homepage. :)

  2. Katie!!! THANK YOU for your sweet mention of me! I'm honored to be singled out among some of my favorite writers, too...thrilled YOU'RE a part of this collaboration :).



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