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Monday, March 12, 2012

With Open Hearts

The quiet of prayer and the idle hands quickly lead me to distraction.  My prayer journal becomes another to do list. Fully aware of the power of prayer, I am determined to learn the art of conversation with our Father.  Just as determined to teach our own children to express themselves not just on their knees at the bedside, but throughout the circumstances of everyday.   

As Neil Anderson explains in his philosophy of the three levels of prayer

We have discovered a new dimension when we are comfortable in His presence and don't feel obligated to talk. It's much like a marriage relationship. A mature couple can ride together in the car for hours, enjoying each other's company, without having to say a word. I can just be with God and I'm learning to listen.

We are practicing visual prayer.
With quiet background music and a table full of creative supplies. 

{with open hearts}
 {with thankfulness}
{with listening ears}
{with reminders of newly memorized passages of scripture}

It is the beginning of a beautiful conversation.
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  1. open hearts in open books is a new idea to me. thanks for sharing. :)

    when i'm about to pray for a lot of things - country, church, family, friends, career, eternal destiny of people around me, etc etc - i usually draw them on small sqaures in my journal. it gives me time to reflect on what to pray for them.

    anyway, it's very creative of you. greetings from manila :)


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