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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Extra! Extra!

A fabulous friend of ours turned 40 this week and we enjoyed being part of her surprise celebration! The invitation encouraged each guest to bring 40 of something fun, funky, or cheap.  I actually racked my brain on this one for awhile because I really didn't want to give something mean or omgyouaresostinkin'old - ish!  A while back I saw a 30th birthday gift that included 30 suckers and a tag, 30 Sucks.  Hmmm...not really, but clever.  So, I was left thinking gift baskets, treats, and a  positive message.

Here's what we came up with...
40 is EXTRA special

EXTRA wisdom
EXTRA smiles
EXTRA beauty
EXTRA gray hair???
EXTRA memories
EXTRA parties

You get the idea!  

Here's the EXTRA details -  

40 {or 50, 60, 75...} packs of gum
floral foam
small gift basket
tissue paper
hot glue
popsicle sticks
colorful paper, stickers, or punches for message tags

Cut the floral foam to fit the bottom of your container.  Wrap the foam in tissue paper.  Line the container with tissue before wedging in the base.  I made tags in my digital scrapbook program and printed them on photo paper.  Once they were printed they were cut into circles using the Stampin' Up circle punch and backed with coordinated papers cut with the scallop punch.
Then my #1 crafting assistant, a.k.a. Anne Hope, lined up all of the tags and packs of gum.  We hot glued a popsicle stick to the back of each item.
When they were nice and dry we picked off the crazy hot glue strings and had fun arranging the sticks by pushing them in to the floral foam base.  I was excited with the way it turned out.

Extra cheerful, don't you think?
Thankfully we got a couple pictures of it before delivery because it didn't take long once it got to the party for the kids to disassemble the whole bloomin' thing. 

 I guess it looked EXTRA tasty.
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  1. That is a great idea! I remember my Dad getting 40 rolls of toilet paper at his 40th birthday party. I thought it was a genius idea. TP will always get used! LOL!

  2. Love it Katie! Missed being there to help celebrate!


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