A List Maker's Life: 1st Day of Spring

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1st Day of Spring

I take back all those mean and nasty things I have said in the past about March.
Dreary, cold, and never ending.

This month's weather has gone a long way toward improving its' reputation for teaching long suffering
The screens are washed and in the windows
The spring clean up has begun on the yard and under our beds
We're working on our dust bunnies
Watch out cobwebs

The summer clothes have been swapped in to the kids' closets
They are actually wearing them
Tank tops. Shorts. Sunglasses.
They read on beach blankets under giant umbrellas
on grass eager to shed the top layer of dead thatch

The tulips?
Found blooming in full color in the beds of our not so sleepy downtown.

The kids rolled in the sand,
built castles and
chased the waves today

Washing away the blah! of winter in the chilly waters of Lake Michigan

Record breaking here,
and oh. so. wonderful.
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  1. Happy Spring to you. I know that you will enjoy all the beauty that this season has to offer. The tulips sound delightful.


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