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Friday, February 3, 2012

Working Quietly

Quiet boxes are still an effective tool in Anne's afternoon routine.  Although she really enjoys exploring her boxes on her own, I often join her to play along or talk about what she imagines doing with the contents in each box.  Since she is now able to decode simple readers I try to include a few in each of her boxes that she can read before or after playing with her other materials.  Due to Gabe's therapy schedules Anne does not get to each day's box in one week.  Here are several of the refills from our January boxes:
 {water beads and colored letter tiles}
  {playdough, nuts & bolts, easy readers about snow}
 {color word matching snowmen, easy readers about snow}
 {weather poems, velcro tip gloves with felt cut outs, bendable wires}
 {scissors, white paper, snowflake folding instructions}
 {snowflakes, dice, snowmen die cuts, blue strips of paper}
 {various greeting cards with seasonal scenes, months of the year cut outs, weather poems}
{Arthur books and paper doll character cut outs}
 {Betty Spaghetti}
 {easy readers about pizza, play food pizza & toppings}
 {constructions paper, glue, cut yarn}
 {colored pencils, activity book}
{scrabble tile letters, sight words}

Have you put together any quiet box ideas you could share in a comment? 
I am always on the hunt for new ideas.

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  1. I love the water beads. The scrabble tiles with sight words cards is a great idea!

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