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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Student of You

You appreciate a good pink fix, yet will ditch it in a heartbeat to hang out in a pirate or cowboy costume.

You care like crazy about other people and what they think, but you shy away from letting them know  what you care about and what you think.

There are times your heart aches about not having a sister, yet you've made it so obvious that you would climb a ladder to the moon for any one of your brothers.

Teach me to say what I mean.  To explain it until the listener understands.
Teach me to listen. To listen until the theme behind every word spoken is heard.

Love is patient Mom.

I want to know how to feel like you do. 
How to share feelings without hesitation.
Continue to melt my heart.

When you weren't here at bedtime I forgot to say my prayers and sure enough I had another scary dream.  That means God really does hear me on the nights when I ask him to help me be strong and courageous and not to fear. 

May I continue to teach you to pray and learn to have the faith you do to trust in His answers.

I reviewed the chapter today about how much you prefer your family time and routines over extraordinary surprises.

No matter how we try to convince you that you deserve special attention once in awhile you still cringe at the thought of someone singing happy birthday.

I get lost staring into your eyes because they are undeniably beautiful to look at, but also because I want to know what you are doing with all the information they are taking in. 

I want to find new ways to encourage your heart, your relationships, your passions, your gifts, and your clever mind - all just as beautiful as your eyes, my love.

It took me 28 years to realize I was missing pieces of myself that I continue to discover in you! I will continue to study and I am certain you will continue to be a most amazing teacher.

Love you baby Hope!
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  1. Beautiful post! Happy Birthday to Hope!

  2. Loved this. Wishing a very special birthday for Anne Hope from all of us!

  3. Happy Birthday to Anne Hope...just a few days behind!! What a beautiful post, perfectly said!


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