A List Maker's Life: A Berry Special Celebration: a Strawberry Shortcake Sleepover

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Berry Special Celebration: a Strawberry Shortcake Sleepover

Anne Hope is celebrating her 6th birthday!  She requested a Strawberry Shortcake party and I was pleased to comply with plenty of sweet smelling, pink goodness!  We decided to let her try her first ever sleepover with a friend!  Her dear friend was very brave to stay away from home for the first time  and thankfully they are both lost to the land of sweet dreams in the pink fort Kevin built for them. 
They kicked off their fun tonight with a silly game of dress up while I ordered their pizza of choice and put the finishing touches on our cupcakes.

After dinner the girls mixed and measured a bath of berry scented play dough.  We used our favorite play dough recipe and added a package of unsweetened strawberry Kool-aid to the mix.

You know that yummy smell that stays with the Shortcake dolls no matter how long they've been around?  Well, that was our goal with the play dough.

We also had the ingredients to make some strawberry flavored lip gloss, but we will have to see what the morning brings.  The heavy eye lids tonight were my cue to move along to cupcakes and ice cream.

While searching cake ideas I saw the most amazing Strawberry Shortcake dessert , but since I have no experience with fondant I decided to come up with my own cake creation instead.  Anne Hope was plenty pleased with our strawberry cupcake arrangement.

{Simple and Sweet}

 Once they were washed and dressed for bed we did a little pampering.  The girls got stylin' strawberry manicures while we watched Strawberry Shortcake: Putting on the Glitz.

{Some with seeds...}

{...and some without}

Admittedly, it is pretty fun for this momma to recapture the delight of my own childhood favorite with my 6 year old Strawberry lover!  
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  1. That is so fun! I love the nails and I know exactly which episode you are talking about. LOL!

  2. So adorable!! Did you do those nails yourself? They look amazing!

  3. How absolutely *sweet* :D Wonderful job, I'm sure it's a perfect birthday she'll always remember! :) And wow-6!!! what a big girl!


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