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Friday, January 20, 2012

Stuck on You: Valentine Card How to #GlueNGlitter

You know how some people get crazy excited about shopping and decorating for Christmas the day after Halloween?  Well, that is not really my thing.  However, when it comes to Valentine's Day I am ready to start the preparations on December 26.  As soon as the tree is cleared out of the living room and the nativity packed away I would be happy to dig out my favorite angels of love, search for card ideas, and fill a dish with conversation hearts.

{the Valentine aisle in the store...how can you resist?}

{see. even Gabe "wants"}

Our family has a little Hidden Hearts tradition and this week I have been busy sewing new stuffed hearts so each person in our family now has their own pattern to search for on Valentine's Day. Anne Hope and I also enjoyed an afternoon with Steam-a-Seam making matching heart shirts for the four kids, similar to last year. Last night we put together a card to accompany a simple heart day surprise for Gavin and Anne Hope's teachers.

With my experience in the classroom I know that midway through the school year the markers aren't quite as bright and glue sticks are running low, if they haven't dried out all together because the caps are missing.  In putting together the teacher's cards I wanted to come up with a Valentine sentiment that worked to give with a new set of glue sticks for the class.

Before making my shopping list, I took inventory of the supplies I already had in my scrapbooking stash and what I might still need for this project.

{have I mentioned how much I enjoy list making}

~blank cards and/or cardstock to fold into cards {I used a 3.5x5 size card}
~blank envelopes 
~paper trimmer {I pulled out both of mine, but really I was able to do all of my cuts on the 12x12 trimmer}

~corner rounder
~heart punch {or you can freehand cut your heart}
~Elmer's CraftBond Tape Runner
~Elmer's Sparkle Glue - shimmer colors
~Elmer's doodling pen
~colored cardstock
{sorry for the terrible camera phone pictures}

Time to craft the card:

1. Begin by punching out a heart or two from the cardstock color of your choice.

2. Cut a black rectangle to fit the base of your card within approximately 1/4 inch off each side.

3. Cut a 1x3" rectangle for the message/title bar from a piece of which cardstock.

4. Cut a rectangle just a touch larger on each edge, to mount the title bar on, from the same color as the hearts.

{here is what you will have so far}

5. With a bottle of Elmer's standing in front of you for inspiration, or just a little imagination, free hand cut a tip out of orange cardstock and a swirl of glue from the white cardstock.

6. Cut  a 1.5x3" rectangle for the body of your glue bottle from a turquoise blue cardstock

7. Cut a 3/4x3" rectangle from a piece of dark blue cardstock.  Cut this piece again 1/3 of the way down to make the 2 dark blue pieces you see in the picture below.  I purposely left these a little uneven in hopes that it would look a bit more whimsical.

8. Use a corner rounding tool to round off the edges of all of the blue pieces cut to build the glue bottle.

Now it's time to get down to the #gluenglitter part of the project!

9. Arange and attach all of the pieces using the tape runner.  Add the glue to look like it is flowing out of the bottle and add the heart {or hearts} wherever you would like a little extra cute.

10. Use the black marking pen to add a message or title to the card.  {I always write on the white card before sticking it on in case of a mistake.  It is easy to flip it over and try again if it doesn't already have tape on it}

11. Use the same black pen to add stitching marks or dimension lines to the cut pieces of the design.

12. Embellish the streak of glue with a line of silver or white glitter glue.

{stuck on you}
{let's stick together}

13. Before delivering these cards to their teachers the kids are going to help me build a stack with the new glue sticks and tie it all together with a ribbon.

Now you are all ready to clean up your sticky not so sticky project.  Unless of course you have cardstock scraps you are anxious to use for another card...

Happy Heart Crafting,
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Disclosure: This Elmer's Walmart, Glue 'n Glitter {#GluenGlitter} shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias For an even more detailed explanation of the materials, our shopping trip, and the step by step directions you may enjoy the album I put together on Google+

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  1. these are seriously too cute!! bc like you - so been there done that! in the middle of the year and i have squat for supplies!! i so look forward to the day when the girls are in school and i can do little things like this! ok that's not totally true - i want to keep them home forever :)

    happy weekend friend!

    ps - that sweet little boy in the cart?? so so so cute!!

  2. Very cute!

    Ginger @ gingersnapcrafts.com

    ps I can't resist the candy either. :)

  3. Love this! My Little Bit is named Gabe as well :D He is a cutie!

  4. Those are so stinkin' cute! I love the way they turned out, and the sayings on them are perfect.

  5. What a great idea. I think I might just have to borrow this idea for my boys to make cards..

  6. Love this card craft:) Thank you so much for sharing it! You make it look so easy.


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